York Racing

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The age-old tradition of pitting the speed and stamina of horses against each other, not to forget the variety of human skills, talents and passions which influence each race, has always appealed to man. The great variety of passions and sense of purpose which circumscribe the history of equestrian sport are all contained in the their most beautiful and appealing form at York Racing.

Free Horse Racing Tips, Click Here! The racecourse itself is thought of as one of the finest in the world, and has consistently been rated one of the top ten in the United Kingdom.

It couldn't be a more historically rich venue for such a sport, since the city has a heritage directly linked to the Romans, who are popularly credited with being the first people to formerly stage horse races.

You only have to recall the Roman chariots to know that their influence has been considerable. More than prevising most modern equestrian sports, they also have a direct link to this region of England.

In one way or another, horses have been raced or near the very spot of York Racing for over two thousand years, although the first documented events were held at Knavesmire in 1731, the locale which developed into the racecourse which stands today.

Anyone who has ever placed a bet on a horse will know that are many ways to experience a day or more of York Racing. The racecourse has been built up over the years to offer just about every amenity, luxury and distraction synonymous with this wonderful sport. Whether you're a die-hard track enthusiast who starts guessing at the bookie's odds long before you take your first gander at the parade ring, or you just like an excuse to sartorially indulge and head to the County Stand where the Champagne flows freely and more than one wonderful hat has been created specifically for the occasion, then this is the course is for you.

For many a day at the races is about luxurious lunches, fabulous fashion and a sense of exclusivity which lends itself to gilt-edge Champagne flutes and generous helpings of Sturgeon Caviar, but for others it's about getting closer to the horses, getting a sense of riders and trainers, taking a look at the state of a thoroughbred as it trots around the parade ring and placing a bet before the jockeys head to the starting gate.

As a course which holds some of the United Kingdom's most exciting and well attended fixtures of any racing calendar, you can expect to find the grandstand and paddock area bustling with folk darting to and from the ring, checking the condition of their favourite horse, searching for the best odds from the bookies and eagerly watching the race. This Grandstand and Paddock area has seen a rather costly update and the new Grandstands have won awards for their design.
York Races, inside rail

Those who have little more interest in the who's who than descrying a few flamboyant hats will certainly head to the Grandstands, where they can get a real sense of the visceral excitement in the company of those there for the sport itself. Whether going for the full four-days of the famous Ebor Festival, or one of the many other alluring and equally exciting fixtures, like the Dante Festival, just make sure you plan your day and study your race card for the best experience.

If you're the kind of punter to pick a horse for its rider, perhaps for a jockey who has a good record, or whether you play the odds and refuse to take a chance on a long shot, the Grandstand is where you'll find the like-minded. Similarly, there is no reason to take odds, the accomplishments of trainers and riders too seriously. As long as you have your racecard, always filled will curious details and history about the race over and above the vital information, you can spend as little as a few pounds on a bet, so it really doesn't have break the bank to experience the unique excitement of seeing your chosen horse and rider speed towards the finishing post.

York Races, winner Many come to the racecourse simply to enjoy the pleasing atmosphere of the Course Enclosure. This is the most economical option for many who bring the whole family and hope to spend the day in marvellous expansive grounds, perhaps with a picnic.

No matter which area of the York Racing racecourse you find yourself situated in, you're going have a day filled with fun and the power and grace of equestrian sport. With all the bookies in the betting ring and the many totes, you'll never be far from those with your winnings.

But a day of equestrian sport is about far more than a wager. From all the places to eat and drink, in both the Grandstand area and the County Stand, to the seemingly endless areas of activity, the options for pleasure are many.

Even if it's your first time at York Racing, you'll find yourself most welcome and it won't be long before you're placing a bet on that beautiful thoroughbred which has charmed you into parting with a Lady Godiva, track jargon for a 'fiver.'

This renowned and beautiful course additionally offers a host of conferencing and banqueting facilities, all overseen by a team which has no problem in adapting to the needs of almost any kind of occasion. Many famous folk have held their special events in these excellent facilities. From promotions to parties, hospitality has been top of the racecourse’s list of accomplishments for over a century.